Smartphone Charging Test

So you are deciding on buying a new smartphone and you would really like one which would have good long-lasting battery. And if not that, you would want one which gets charged fastest, would you not? Well, many of you will probably not be affected by these results, but still, it is good to know… Read More »

Parents Use Cellphones When Driving With Kids

We know that we should not, but still we cannot stop doing certain things. Just like parents who cannot stop using cellphones while driving. Even when they are with their kids! The research has found that the fact that kids are in the car does not affect the behaviour of their parents. They simply do… Read More »

Send Money With Your Apple Watch

Obviously, you no longer have to have access to your bank account via electronic banking in order to send money. All you have to do is own Apple Watch! Sending money to your friends was never easier and quicker! All you have to do is tap on the amount you wish to send and then… Read More »

Top Up Your Pay-As-You-Go Card With QR Codes

How do you top up your pay-as-you-go card? Online? Or via ATM? Well, you can all forget about these methods. Because Vodafone is planning to make it available for its customers to top up via QR codes. Ain´t that just awesome? And how will it work? In order to use this feature you will have… Read More »

Are You Sleeping With Your Smartphone?

It has become a common thing that people fall asleep with their smartphones in their hands. It is mainly because we cannot simply spend a minute without our smartphone. We are listening to the music, chatting with our friends or watching videos or movies…. It is perhaps because there are so many options of things… Read More »

LinkedIn And Data

While other social networks are doing everything they can just to make everything easier for their users, LinkedIn seems to be doing it quite the opposite way. Synchronization is very important today and contact lists are even more important. Especially for business community which is basically based on contacts, right? However, LinkedIn does not really… Read More »

The New Lighting System Makes Driving At Night Easier

And safer! Of course. Ford´s new lighting system uses GPS info and so widen the reach of headlights at roundabouts. It also uses cameras in order to accustom the headlights to the curvature of the road better. This technology is revolutionary and will definitely help the drivers at night. Ford is creating something which perfectly… Read More »

Generac Generators Review

First Step The first step in getting a generator is to establish that you need one. If you have an at-home business or a business where perishable goods or climate-control is key to maintaining your products, then you need one. Generac You probably are looking into Generac because their name comes up all over the… Read More »

GPS Celebrating 20 Years!

Can you believe it? It has been 20 years since the GPS was born. For 20 years, GPS has been making our lives easier. What would we possibly do without it, right? Well, that is just awesome! And what else is there left to do than to say: congratulations! So, what was the celebration like?… Read More »

The Scoop: Hot Tools Curling Iron Review

The Hot Tools Lime- Glitter One-Inch Curling Iron gets high marks. Create wider, beachy and sweeping curling action that creates a smooth and soft curl. Though, again, keep the receipt, buy only from reputable stores like because the plastic tip has been known to melt into people’s hair. Glowing reviews However, the product gets glowing… Read More »