Before You Get Divorced

So, you are heading for a divorce, we are sorry to hear that. However, before you do get divorced, you should ask yourself these questions so that you do not end up making the worst mistake in your life.

  1. Think about your relationship. Consider why you two fell in love with each other the first time. And then think about why it all went wrong.
  2. You have to try all the possible options. Ask yourself: why are you not trying counseling?
  3. Think about how many things you actually can change in your relationship.
  4. Imagine your future. Would you like it if your future was the same as your present is now?
  5. Are you ready to get divorced.
  6. Are you ready to separate your emotions from the process?
  7. Think about your finances and your future alone.
  8. Think about how you pay for your attorney.
  9. Will you be able to move on? Will you be able not to make a victim out of yourself.
  10. Are you two going to be able do look back at your marriage and appreciate the time spent together?

Well, once you answer all these questions you will know for sure that you are ready.

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