Can You Do These Things For Your Girlfriend?

If you think that you live in a happy relationship that might actually last forever, then you should definitely take this test! Make sure that you can do these things for your girlfriend. If you can, then your relationship is worth it. And if you cannot, then you should probably break up!

  1. Brag about your partner on Facebook or Twitter if they do something you are proud of. For example, if they complete a project or something, take some time, congratulate them. Make it public!
  2. If your girlfriend fixes something at home. Give her a present. Something small, show them that you appreciate it.
  3. Take your partner or a lunch or dinner if they get a new job. Something exceptional.
  4. Pick your partner up at the airport when they return from a business trip. Or any trip.
  5. When your partner helps you, return the favour.
  6. When your partner cleans the apartment alone. Make them a meal. Something special. Do not let them do everything on their own.
  7. When your partner gets promored, celebrate! Make it a thing.

Simply, be there to help. And make a big thing out of everything positive! There is always a reason for celebration, right? Well, if you manage to do all these things, then your relationship will be perfect! Good luck!

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