The Smooth Breakup

We figured that you guys might need some help with the breakup thing. Well, no offence, we just want you to know how to do it so that the woman understands and does not feel bad or angry with you. Yes, there is such way! And we are here to teach you how to do it!

  1. You have to do it in person. There is no way an email, SMS, or a phone call are going to help you deal with it.
  2. Remember that there were reasons why you were in a relationship with her. And try to remember this even during the breakup.
  3. Think ahead. If you have any things that need to ba taken care of – like for example if you are living together or if you have bought something expensive together – you need to come up with a good solution. Otherwise it will just be ugly.
  4. Prepare for any kind of reaction. If she cries, that does not mean that you should change your mind. Be kind, but not too kind. You do not want her to have false hopes.
  5. Do not sleep together after you break up. Well, we do not mean like never, but not shortly after. And even if you think that it has been a long time since you broke up, do not do it. She may still be emotionally involved and you do not want to mess with that. Keep a distance!

And do not forget to keep it after the breakup. Do not call her even if she feels bad. She should be with her friends now, and not with her ex.

Good luck! It is going to be tough, but you can handle it, right?

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