The Types Of People Who Fail Their Resolutions

Everybody has some New Year´s resolution, right? However, not everybody manages to stick to it. There are certain people who manage and others who simply do not. Well, here are the types of people who tend to fail their resolutions!

  1. The people who work on five different resolutions. Well, five is a huge number and tha chances that they will manage all of them are, well, low.
  2. Those who have huge expectations. Too big expectations. Well, these people are not going to make it. The resolution should be something challenging, however, it should be real.
  3. Those who are too general. Making a simple reoslution to “eat healthy” is probably not the best idea. Your resolution should be more precise.
  4. Sometimes, people make resolutions that are not really important to them, but they think that it is something that is expected of them.
  5. The person who makes resolutions spontaneously. Without thinking them through. Well, how long do you think these resolutions will last?
  6. The person who is totally disorganized. Well, in this case, it is absolutely useless to try.
  7. The person who goes through it all alone. Everybody needs a support, right?
  8. The person who simply knows that it will not work for them. Well, there is no reason to try if you do nto believe in yourself, right?
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