Things Women Care About

A lot. If you think that the only thing that matters is the size, then you are wrong. The truth is, there are lots of things that are more important than that. And if you want to know what they are, then continue reading and you will find out!

  1. Cleanliness is a major turn off for many women. So, wash your sheets every two weeks and wash yourself! Women hate men who do not give a damn about their room being tidy.
  2. Physique is also important. Well, yeah, women care about how men look and so, you should probably hit the gym! Seriously, no kidding!
  3. The fact that you are willing to help her with house chores. A woman does not need a man in order to have someone to care for. No! Women need men who are willing to help them!
  4. Women like sex toys. Not all of them, but some do.
  5. Also, a thing that is very important when it comes to sex is how long it lasts. The longer the better.
  6. Height is also important for many women.
  7. Commitment is what matters. Women love to be committed and they consider it very important for having good sex.
  8. Passion is another very important thing. So if you can do something about it, then do it!
  9. Communication. You need to talk about sex together! You need to talk about everything. That is the only way how you can have great sex!
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